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Vintage Romantic Cupcake Toppers

Its February and love is (supposed to be) in the air... I am all for celebrating love everyday and Valentines is also a day - so it calls for some celebration of sorts - doesn't it!  Nothing too fancy and over the top rocks my boat. Its not some sort of validation of love for me, but rather an occasion to celebrate what we already have. Some years we do absolutely nothing and some years, like this one, I go an extra mile. And extra mile it definitely was... These cup cake toppers are definitely tedious and painstaking to make, but the end result is just fabulous. You can make them weeks ahead and may be even use them to top store bought cupcakes (shhhhh!) These are so pretty that no one will ask if you bakes the cup cakes too...cupcakes are just a bonus that come with these toppers. Extremely vintage-y and romantic, in beautiful pastel colours - nothing to loud (excuse me deep red cupcakes - not for me) - these symbolise the kind of love I want in my life...

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